New talking head for Hamburg hatemonger

It was a strange sight to see Marty Rathbun out of his usual work-out gear and sans baseball hat - the one that he wears backward.

That's the outfit he's usually wearing when he's going psycho on someone or screaming in a person's face.

This time Rathbun was in a suit, dressed up for his "hosts" who awarded him an all-expenses-paid trip to Hamburg, Germany, in return for his appearance at a staged press - make that propaganda - conference.

One wonders what Rathbun's "counseling" clients think about their "counselor" making the rounds with the hate-mongering Ursula Caberta, who has devoted her career to attempting to destroy their religion.

And, what do they think about Rathbun hanging out - at the same propaganda conference - with the Hamburg chapter of the cyber terrorist group Anonymous? That's the same group that has waged a crusade to destroy their religion. The same group that has members in US prisons for hate crimes.

But, in Hamburg, there was Marty Rathbun extending his meaty paw to the group's leader Gambit, who, by the way, makes his living on the Reeperbahn - Hamburg's notorious red light district.

The only one who seemed to be missing was Josef Goebbels.

Rathbun - either knowingly, or not (it's hard to say which is worst), was no more than a stooge, a tool, a cardboard cutout to be used by Caberta, sleazy lawyer Graham Berry and Anonymous for their vile, hate-filled religious attacks.

Yes, indeed, what would Rathbun's counseling clients think about that - and how would they feel about Marty and wife Monique sashaying around on a freebie visit to Berlin? It was all paid for by Caberta and her hate-mongering ilk.

Anything for a price - for Rathbun it sure beats hanging around Texas in a backward baseball cap.

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