Jason Beghe - A Biography

>> Jason Beghe: No stranger to law enforcement, here is apostate Beghe after being convicted of battery on an officer of the court, to whom he was ordered to pay $11,625.37 in medical costs. Beghe pled no contest and now has a criminal record. He was sentenced to a year of probation and restitution of all damages. If he violates any of the court-ordered conditions, it’s off to the slammer.

Yet even the threat of jail time hasn’t curbed Beghe’s violent tendencies. He’s reportedly under investigation, again for alleged assault—this time against a handyman who Beghe felt had mishandled a weed-whacker while working on his property.

That Beghe is now running with the Anonymous criminal terrorist group makes perfect sense. As if to prove himself worthy of the group’s company, he posted an Internet video rant in which he used a certain expletive more than 300 times. He further described himself in these terms: “I was a drug indulger,” and “You know what I do, you know, Internet porn. ...” Given all of the above, there is little question as to why Rathbun decided to use a photo of him and Beghe arm in arm to launch his website, announcing Beghe as his poster boy. Cut from the same violent and perverted cloth, they are a perfect match.

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